Sunday 25 August 2019

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When are we going to ask those tough, consistent questions of our political class and importantly fattened bureaucrats, living off tax payer money?? Or is that a job to be outsourced to a poor Valmiki ... READ



Not in 'My Goa’ Please

The growing trend of calling out ‘outsiders’ is somewhat worrying to my mind. I am apprehensive because on-ground it may alienate many people who have been living in Goa with dignity for many generations, even ... READ



सायलण्ट, पूण इंटॅलिजण्ट

कितल्याशाच म्हान पुरसांचीं नातरां आपणापरस तेंच्या आज्या-पणज्याच्या म्हालवजार भौसांत मिरयतात. शांतारामबाबान हें केन्नाच केलेंना. शणैं गोंयबाबाचें सोडूनच दियात, तेका स्वताक मिरवपाकूच आवडनासलेलें. सगळें काम कोरोन पासोन फाटल्यानच आसतालो. देखूनच विद्वत्ता, प्रतिभा आनी प्रशासकीय अणभव आसोन ... READ



Kashmir – Myth and Reality

In 1927, Maharaja Hari Singh issued a Royal Decree defining ‘State Subjects’, saying only they had the right to own and buy land. This law was incorporated as Article 35A of the Constitution READ



Mind Control & Cult

Thought reform or Mind Control is an invisible social adaptation brought about by a well co-ordinated program of coercive persuasion wherein the locus of control of one’s body and mind is transferred from within the ... READ



The state of the State

What is paraded is ‘fake’ government and governance through connivance of few bureaucrats directly reporting to the BJP national high-command. READ



सूदिर सूक्तः निषेध विष्णू विरोधकांचा, आणि विष्णूचाही!

विष्णूंच्या कविता संग्रहास पुरस्कार मिळू नये म्हणुन ज्यानी अट्टाहास केला व ज्या सरकारने हा पुरस्कार फेटाळला त्यांचा मी निषेध करतो. त्याचबरोबर विष्णूचाही निषेध करतो. ‘सरस्वतीने’ ने प्रदान केलेलं अती सुंदर शब्द भंडार असलेला हा ‘कुबेर’ ... READ



Divided media cannot provide justice to Gauri Lankesh

If we have failed to raise our voice as effectively as we should have in previous instances of violence against journalists, then the time to change that is now: If we stay silent and disunited, ... READ



Kesaria: Worst is that there is a movement that is willing ...READ

Richard N. Nunes: I keep reading and hearing about fitting taxi meters as ...READ

Shekhar Gaitonde: Aso ajyatshatru devmanis melpak kattin. Ami bhagyavan, nimane tanche ashirwad amka ...READ

Kashinath Mayekar: बेस्ट आर्टिकल READ

काशिनाथ मयेकर: शंभर टक्के सहमत.READ

Jack De Goan: If Goans has to be Saved in Goa then Goa ...READ

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Jack De Goan: ELECTION REFORM IN GOA Election in Goa should be with BALLOT ...READ

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Vishnu Naik: During 80,s social media was not existing, now it is ...READ

M D Phal: I disagree with Dr Oscar that Valmiki, Elvis and Velingakar ...READ

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Jack De Goan: Judas did not killed Jesus but he supported the Killer, ...READ

nilesh: मनाच्या तळापासून वाहिलेली शब्दसुमनांजली. वाचकांसाठी उद्बोधक.READ

पुष्पा नायक: संदेशबाब, तुमी कितें बरयलां तशें खूबशा जाणांक दिसता! ...READ