Friday 21 September 2018

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This isn't my old Dharwad, where now Kalburgi is killed

Dharwar was the place to rest, recover, sing all night and then move on. Stories are recounted with awe and a sense of participation in a special history: “Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was a frequent ... READ



बिगर-गोमंतकीय कामगारः अंधारातल्या सावल्या

आमच्या आयुष्याचे “नट-बोल्ट” फिक्स करण्यासाटी “ ग्रीस” प्रमाणे काम करणाऱ्या कामगारांची किंमत आम्हांलाच कळत नाही. ती बिचारी माणसे अंधारातल्या सावल्या बनून आमची पाठराखण करतात आणि आम्हांला त्याची जाणीव सुध्दा नसते. READ



In defence of Angrezi

English may not be our mother tongue, but it does remain our Father Tongue. We must own it, excel in it and promote it just as our modernist architects of Independence did. After all, Nehru, ... READ



Colonial syndrome of Krishna

Not even one episode in mythology presents either of them having inferior complex since they belong to dark complexion. Having complexes of being a darker person seems to be a colonial syndrome during British ... READ



Special provisions called "Special Status"

Land is becoming a scarce commodity more particularly in smaller States. Land mafia from foreign countries are landing in States like Goa with tons of money buying huge areas creating social and economic chaos. Some ... READ



Indian Cricket - Quo Vadis?

Our best performers of the last few years have either come to or are coming to the end of their careers. Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman must exit within a few matches of each other. READ



Diogo: Well said Sandesh Bab.READ

Jack De Goan: There must be Corner Meetings & Prayer all over Goa ...READ

Mangaldas bhat: खूब तेपान सुनापरान्तातलें झणझणीत संपादकीय वाचलें.powerful सामकेंREAD

Mathias: Well said doctor, kut mar Judas acherREAD

jefery s dsilva: Dslr is issuing corresponding certificates to show corresponding new survey ...READ

Jack De Goan: AAP deserves one chance, to prove themselves. I wanted all Goans ...READ

Ravindra: wow! what a volte face when hindutva terror was propagated ...READ

Jojo Dsouza : Fantastic piece of writing... READ

Blaise costabir: Oscar only you could give such a powerful message using ...READ

डॉ. प्रकाश पर्येंकार: कोंकणी साहित्यांत ग्रामीण संवेदना अधोरेखीत जावच्यो ह्या ...READ

Jack De Goan: All elections in Goa must be held with Ballot Paper ...READ

नमन सावंत : संदेश . खूप खूप उपकार तुजे. ग्रामीण साहित्य सम्मेलनाची ...READ

चेतन आचार्य : बरो जाला. READ

Rupesh Jhalmi: Well written but somehow you cannot hide your soft corner ...READ

Jack De Goan: Judas did not killed Jesus but he supported the Killer, ...READ