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Willy Mickky be dropped?


Tourism minister Mickky Pacheco is slowly but systematically becoming a ‘political target’ in the case of Nadia Torreado, whose death is surrounded by a mystery.

Her death, which has been registered initially as a suicide and then abatement is suspected behind it, has been now handed over to the crime branch of Goa police. PI Sunita Sawant is now investigating into it.

While social activist Aires Rodrigues and Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Viegas have alleged involvement of Mickky in the case (abatement), political scene has also started heating up.

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat yesterday evening had series of meeting, beginning with he dashing the Raj Bhavan to meet the governor.

This was followed by a meeting at his Altinho residence with top police officials. The case was then handed over to the crime branch.

Soon after this, political bigwigs started meeting the chief minister one by one. It started with home minister Ravi Naik, followed by revenue minister and NCP legislature leader Jose Philip D'Souza and NCP national secretary Jitendra Deshprabhu.

The last one to meet the CM was NCP legislature Nilkanth Halarnkar, who had arrived from his holiday the same afternoon. If Mickky is dropped from the cabinet, Halarnkar is the only option to fill his vacancy from the three-member NCP legislature party

In order to counter these moves politically, Mickky has now demanded judicial probes in three cases - Nadia's death, police-drug peddler nexus and the excise scam.

While Mickky is being implicated in Nadia death case, names of two top politicians from anti-Mickky camp are being linked to the police-drug peddler nexus and the excise scam.

A memorandum submitted by Bailancho Ekvott to the chief minister lists out the whole ‘political case' being prepared against Mickky. Auda has demanded a thorough investigation for the alleged abetment to suicide in Nadia case, "after dropping Mickky from the cabinet".  

The cases listed against Mickky are:
1.    Assaulting Kadamba driver in 2003
2.    Manhandling Traffic Police at Hospicio Hospital
3.    Pending rape case in mid 1990
4.    Domestic violence case filed by Mickky's wife Sara
5.    Forged documents to sell his wife Sara's car
6.    Threatening People & moving with an unlicensed firearm
7.    Denying his wife Sara of her right to her properties
8.    Obtaining loan from EDC through fraudulent means by abusing his post of minister

Meanwhile, Tara Kerkar and the members of ‘Savera' have also given a memorandum to the chief Minister in Nadia's case. They have demanded quick investigation and an inquiry of the doctors responsible for the death of Nadia.

Tara has also raised doubts about the statement of Nadia's mother that the deceased consumed Rattol by mistake, thinking it as toothpaste and it was not a suicide. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Funny, she poisoned the nebors water wells by dumping in phenol. Her death is due to poison ingestion. Who says God is sleeping?

Ashely , US

John, i write this for you specially since you want to know more. Go to Fatorda near Sunaina hotel and ask even a kid who is Joelle and what are her deeds or who is Sonia and what are her deeds, do not forget to take a few bottles of water as you will start dehydrating as you hear tales of horror. They sowed, mother reaped. If that was me, I would have forgotten everything and anyone but punished the killer. However, mother is wholly responsible for what happened. However, the puppet husband also happens to be their neighbor and whatever or however he acts now is in the fear of bullet. He was harrased enough, beaten, tortured and what not. Read yesterday's Navhind Times e-edition for more details.

Mathew , Dubai

This dumb uneducated Tourism Minister is involved in more than that of Nadia Torrado. If investigated I a sure lot of Rape cases will be solved. It the people of Goa who sell their valuable votes for a few hundred ruppes and sell themselves into the hands of such incompatible and irrational criminals like Mickky Pachecho. What would be the fate of the state if a few more ministers like him are still around in the Cabinet? There is another similar type of person in the ministry and whose son is involved in a sex scandal. Rest is upto the people to guess who he is. Visit these two links and you will get the detail news of Mickky and Nadia. I have also commented on these Videos in the comments tab and you can add yours. They are instant comments. The links are: 2nd one is: THIRD ONE IS:! - Menino de Valpoi (UK)

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

Good you are forced out of politics and hope peace may reign in Goa after your departure. You have spoiled self and the image of Goa, useless GONDA. Just banish self to some isolated place or to HELL asap or to the UNDIR (Rat) hole. Your facial figure picturesque image on this article is fit for Goan public to spit on you face Wicked Mikky.

Emediavoices , Goa

I like to here more from mathew,who know more about this fact. Speak your mind and your heart.

John Fernandes , Margao

Mr Purush, I like the way you wrote No.....No, what does it mean? Are you surprised by some additional information? There is more information I got gals and guys around where she or the micky mouse stays, it's too shocking even to read and it's lengthy. Joelle as she was known always wanted something flashy and the minsiter looked around anything that is "fleshy" so the combination matched. Joelle's mother lived with the truth of knowing her daughter's deeds right infront of her eyes and in her own house. Joelle travelled around the World with the mouse and enjoyed that in pomp. Mother daughter duo terrorised neighbors and others and now she lies in the grave, what will she enjoy there? This should be a moral lesson for all other immoral men and women who ruin their households after marriage by falling in love traps. Joelle's mother is just protecting her daughters killer or killers including herself. She knows the whole truth but only truth from years.

Martin , Goa

People and especially parents should learn from this incident.

A good parent will never allow her daugher or son to go in that path.Whatever happened..The culprit should be punished.I am sad and also ashamed that the very parent(Who happeded to be a teacher and who used to give good advice to her students) is protecting the gooda and the culprit.

I cannot imagine a parent being like this.

If i was in your place i would not care what would happen to me but i would protect my child from animals like we have in the Digambar kamats minstry.

A message to digambar(sorry no Mr here) ..I had repect for you but not anymore.I know u are the cheapest and a spineless CM.

Atleast think of Nadia as your own daughter.You have one and think abt it..

U are sure to loose 6 votes in next elections and if i am in goa u are sure to loose some of my neighbours also.

I will never forget what you had said i.e that u did not need goan votes.

U come to mydoor next time and u would get a GET OUT answer from me.

Bri , USA

Every Dog has its day and whatever "According to Mathew and Goa media" scripted is true, however " The Saints" of Goa remained tight lipped on the hillock of Altinho! Why ? and for so many years? This explains how the Church teaches the flock engaging in amassing wealth left over by the predecessors. The community of Goa has become "self centered" and there exists few to correct who has lost the track. Even the parents fright for their children and that's the reason of current tourism boom and global economic power. Wished the world would have been better off if all were naked on this planet. Has the Bishop House excommunicated the Rattol Micky or embraced him as the son of Goa?

Emediavoices , Goa

all potical leaders are same.ami tanka mathayar basaslayat .we should blame ourself

mangaldas bhat , cancon

I was just going through the comments here and after reading what Mr. Mathew has commented I decided to investigate on my own the credibility of this comment. Well I found out that Mr. Mathew is right in his comments. I was also able to find out that this Nadia was a TOP FOR ANYBODY girl. Her marriage was just a joke. She did have illicit relations with Mickky, who is well known to be a womanizer in Goa. I have also learnt that her mother was and is truly a monster. The duo of mother and daughter never gave peace to their neighbours.

Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK) , United Kingdom of Great Britain

This is the list of charges against one politician! What about the others? Some of them are accused of smuggling and killing, extorting money, fake ticket printing, taking commissions while awarding contracts, selling jobs, attacking police, raping women, active part in drug trafficking, rave parties, smuggling, fraudulent qualifications, illegal mining, etc.etc.etc.The list will be unending! Can the muck be cleaned just by sending home one Minister? Long live our so called democracy!

vishwas prabhudesai , loliem

This is the state of the congress lead govt. Majority of the cabinet ministers charge sheeted in one or more cases or are directly or indirectly ( Son or other close relatives involved) in other criminal cases. No action what so ever been taken by the so called AAM AADMI govt. and in future also no signs of action...... as they ONLY WANT TO ENJOY AT THE COST OF others.

S kAMAT , Madgao

No, No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,No,..................

Purushottam , Ponda

Good riddance of bad rubbish and there should be no sympathy for Nadia. She lived immorally under the nose of her own mother who patronized it with political clout, mother's character is very doubtful so was the daughter ever protected. I wonder from where is the so called HUSBAND is a defender of the family and the minister now? He was harrased, tortured, jailed by the same Nadia with the help of the minister. She even harrased her neighbors by pouring phenol in their water wells to shut them up, to poison their drinking water, she even beat up the landlady and consumed her flat which was rented out to her, all with the help of the minister boyfriend who is a goonda.

Mathew , Dubai

Not only dropped, but should be publicly hanged. Will our MP Shantaram compare Mickky to Kassab and raise his voice? My request to Nadia's mother, whatever happened is a very sad incident, but SAVE future NADIAs from clutches of such dragons by supporting the truth.

Shekhar , Panaji Goa

My answer is NO .Only if digambars kamats relative or sharad pawars relative is tourism minister's victim then only he would be dropped.

Bri , Usa

since allegation is againt Mickky he should resigne from ministers post to allow fair investigation in the case, otherwise Chief Minister should drop him from cabinet till investigation is complete .

Goa's elected representatives and there kith and kin are spoiling the name of goa (leaders are leading by example)

Sanjay Dessai , Curchorem Goa



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