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Parrikar discontinues Digambar's two schemes for girls


Pending launching of Laadli Laxmi scheme announced in the budget, the government has stopped two schemes of the previous government – Kanyadan and Dhanlaxmi.

Both these schemes were started by former chief minister Digambar Kamat last year, as a budget announcement.

Under the Kanyadan scheme, the Directorate of Women and Child Development was giving Rs 25,000 to the girl for wedding.

Similarly, the government was depositing as the Fixed Deposit Rs 25,000 once a girl child was born, to be withdrawn only after the girl turns 18.

Both the schemes had annual income limit of Rs one lakh.

Around 5000 applicants had benefited from the schemes.

However, in view of new Laadli Laxmi scheme, chief minister Manohar Parrikar has discontinued both the schemes.

The new scheme, which has no income limit, provides Rs one lakh to any girl for her wedding.

With a provision of Rs 150 crore made in the budget, Parrikar envisages around 15,000 girls to take benefit of it.

The scheme is yet to be formulated. People are thus requested to wait till then.

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sir/maam, i had applied for for kanyadhan scheme, before the election and submitted the forms in jan'12 so i just want to know will i be getting the scheme for no plz do reply if possible

maria pereira , navelim

nice to see so many women from different walks of goan society suddenly waking up with IDENTICAL posts !hope they continue to post their comments here after also and not vanish in the thin air...i have noted down ...

c.carvalho , margao.

I had filled the form before the elections and before the discontinue of the scheme, i would like to know whether i will get the scheme or no

maria pereira , margao

I had applied for the dhanlaxmi scheme when it was available i have filled the form and submitted in the panjim department. I just wanted to know if my form will be accepted or no. I had filled the form before it was discontinued.

Shradha Dalal , Margao

Can I have more details please?

Where are the forms available?

What are the documents to be submitted??

What is is last date for the scheme

Pushpa Gangadhar Naik , Ponda Goa

Kindly read todays (16.04.2012)GOADOOT.The Dhanlaxmi scheme never took off and there were no beneficiaries.It was a joke by the Joker Digambar on the people of Goa.Pl do your homework properly before publishing any news.


Pushkar Kamat , St.Cruz.

This is purely my personal opinion.I have not seen the full context of the Laadli Laxmi Scheme.I guess this will be available soon.

I personally believe this scheme is slightly flawed as it is open to any girl, regardless of her or her famliy`s income.Assuming this is true,girls from wealthy or very wealthy and even middle-class backgrounds too, will benefit from this scheme.

I am sure Valanka Alemao, a very wealthy girl,who has made her money through black, shady and nefarious deals, and a strange form of Social working(not Advocacy) will benefit .This would also apply to Minoshka Godinho, daughter of Mauvin Godinho.Everyone in Goa knows ,how Mauvin Godinho has made his wealth, and moved over to Dabolim to make even more. Both names I have mentioned are spinsters and eligible for this scheme.I am not aware of the name of other wealthy girls.But I am sure there are many.Based on this I personally feel the scheme should only apply to very finiancially burdened & underpriviledged parents and girls, and a criteria also applied.Girls born into financially well-off and educated families, are unlikely or less likely to undertake any form of "Foeticide"(destruction of baby girls).I also personally believe, that if a budget has been made or allocated,more (perhaps RS1.5-Rs2 Lakha) could be spent or given to less financially priviledged families than those that are wealthy and not in need of State assistance.However I still believe, Valanka and Minoshka, will be only too happy to avail of their benefit under this scheme.Ex Congress MLA`s have a strange magnetic pull towards money,whether made honestly or stolen!!

N.Fernandes , London

Can I have more details please?

Where are the forms available?

What are the documents to be submitted??

What is is last date for the scheme

rita sequeira , corlim

Not Government. Its time for society to think.

Instead of bringing home Loads of Gold by seconding the BRIDE;

Bring home a Girl Child who will be your PRIDE.

Anjali Sushil , Kuwait