Wednesday 02 December 2020

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Will get essentials by Rly from other states: CM


Chief minister Manohar Parrikar today said Goa would get its essential goods by railway and from other states but will not rollback the entry tax imposed on vehicles coming to Goa.

The truckers of Kolhapur and Belgaum have started Boycott Goa action in protest of the entry tax imposed on them.

The vehicles bringing essential goods to Goa on daily basis are thus hit with it and are up in arms, demanding abolition of entry tax.

If Belgaum and Kolhapur traders stop sending these essential commodities to Goa, Parrikar said Goa would procure it from other markets like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The opposition members had raised the entry tax issue in the Assembly today, demanding to reconsider it without sitting on a prestige as prices of essential commodities have started shooting up in the market.

“Vegetables are sold at Rs 100 per kilogram. Please, chief minister, go and take a round in the market instead of sitting in ivory towers”, opposition leader Pratapsing Rane suggested to the ministers.

Parrikar however countered the allegation, claiming that vegetables prices have in fact come down by one rupee per kilogram, especially of onion, potato, tomato, garlic etc.

He also told the House that commodities like cereals, rice, sugar, grains etc have been stocked enough to meet requirement of 15 to 20 days.

The common Goan has also stocked enough commodities including vegetables in their houses, he added.

When Congress members criticized the BJP government for going ahead with entry tax without taking House into confidence, Parrikar however reminded them that he is implementing the decision of entry tax proposed by the erstwhile Congress government.

“Please study the issue and then make allegations”, Parrikar told the opposition benches, especially the Congress.

He also said there is nothing unconstitutional in entry tax and the notification has already been issued after taking legal advice.

“You are free to go to court and challenge it if anyone feels it is in violation to the Constitution of India”, said chief minister.

According to Parrikar, it is not an entry tax to cross the state border but a one-time toll fee collected at the border towards infrastructure like state highways, district roads and the bridges.

“This is much beneficial than the toll collected while entering and existing the state at each point”, said Parrikar.

Don’t we pay toll fee at different points in Maharashtra and Karnataka? Why can’t vehicles then pay one-time fee at the entry point in Goa, asked Parrikar.

He also informed the House that the number of vehicles has not reduced but the toll collection, on the contrary, is increasing day by day – around Rs eight to nine lakh every day. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Kalidas Sawkar , Panaji Goa::

You are spot on.

Had the 2 people you mentioned i.e Rane & Churchillll along with their respective sons & daughters and even wives been living in a Civilised Democracy, they could all have been in Jail now and serving long sentences.

Add to these , Mickky Pacheco, Mauvin Godinho, Jennifer & Babush Monseratte, Digamber Kamat & Ravi Naik & sons and a few others too.

Sadly, Indian & Goan Democracy permits Politicians with criminal backgrounds or criminal intent ,to prosper & continue functioning.

Today Goans ,can only rely and place their faith in God`s Justice.

n.fernandes , London

Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Bhai we are proud of you for having sticking to the imposition of Entry Tax as these are the people who get the maximum benefit of cheaper petrol in the state of Goa as they not only fill up their tanks but carry loads of petrol in big cans........They do not have any complain for paying less for petrol in Goa , so why should they crib when they have to pay the entry tax.....

Amrut Dilkhush Desai , Margao , Goa.

Rane has survived all these years by politicking, i.e., creating confusion at evry step and then eating the confusao cake. He has been the chief beneficiary of KOnkani vs marathi debate and is pet subject for confusao. AS long as he and Alemaos are not out of Goa politics, Congress in Goa will n ot improve

Kalidas Sawkar , Panaji Goa