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Dump stupid Goa Lokayukta act, Uttarakhand best: Kejriwal


Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party has said the Karnataka model for Goa Lokayukta in any form is stupid since it is merely an advisory body in the hands of the state government and its recommendations can be turned down by the Governor or the chief minister.

Kejriwal had a live press conference from Delhi in the office of Goa Union of Journalists in Panaji, through google hangout. The journalists asked him questions by using mobile connectivity while his video was displayed on the screen.

When asked whether he would prefer strengthening the Goa Lokayukta act by making minister’s resignation compulsory and making provision of ‘deemed acceptance’ of Lokayukta report like Karnataka or the Uttarakhand model, Kejriwal preferred Uttarakhand model.

To prove his point, he cited examples of how series of reports of Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde were not accepted by the state government, especially against then Karnataka chief minister Yedurappa and his ministers.

“Will Parrikar accept Lokayukta reports proving corruption charges against him senior ministers”, asked Kejriwal.

According to him, the Lokayukta should be independent from the government and have powers to act without the government coming in between.

Uttarakhand Lokayukta act, according to Kejriwal, empowers the Lokayukta to directly approach the court for prosecution based on his investigative findings and not through the competent authorities in the government.

“In my opinion, the Goa Lokayukta act does not in any manner qualify the parameters set for a model Lokayukta and the whole act needs to be changed”, said Kejriwal.

He also said the provision of “deemed rejection” of the Lokayukta report if not acted upon within three months has been introduced for the first time in the country.

“There is no more shameful act than this”, he quipped.         

Kejriwal also wondered what kind of pressure had compelled Parrikar to bring in such kind of stupid amendments when he claims to be the most honest person.

He described the whole Goa Lokayukta act as the most weak, inefficient, toothless and making the Lokayukta puppet in the hands of the state government.

“If he does not withdraw this act and brings in the new act on the lines of Uttarakhand as per his election promise, people of Goa will lose faith in him”, said Kejriwal while concluding. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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Public (Peoples) Servants are always Sad & someone is always Sick in their House because of CURSES they have of the Common Man. They shout at the Common Man if they are the Boss and Common Man are their Servants. Public (Peoples) Servant must always remember that this Common Man pay their Salaries and not the Government because this Common Man pays Taxes to the Government and return Government pays Salary to the Peoples Servant from the Common Man Hard Earn Money. Public (Peoples) Servant must obey Common Man to get Blessings from the GOD and get rid of Curses which they have of the Common Man in their Family. TEARS which they give to the Common Man make these Public (Peoples) Servants Family Life Miserable & Full of Curses.

Jack De Goan , Goa

I get a sense that many Goans are now losing faith in Mr Parrikar.

For every step he attempts to take forward, he has to take 2 steps backward much sooner, when confronted with the truth & his corrupt practices.Many observe this as a U-turn.

Giving Government SOPS ,DOLES& benefits may be a good sweetner for many Goans.

But what most Goans truly want is Good Governance,eradication of Corruption at all levels ...and not dillying-dallying of Mr Parrikar.

All of Mr Parrikars promises,before ,during and after the election are now still fruitless.

The impression one gets, is that Mr Parrikar is more interested in his own personal image.

, London

after the storm of seesaw debate over the issue statement of arvind kejriwal himself is a solace to the fraught goan hearts. It would be appropriate for the government to avoide further embarrassment to itself and bow down to public sentiments. There is no dishonour for a popular government in abiding by the peoples will either.

, new delhi



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