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"You tell father to stop his corruption", Kalam tells youth


Kalam replying to youth at Festival of Ideas

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam today asked the youths to start fighting corruption from their homes.

"If a daughter or son goes and tells father not to be corrupt, then it will certainly bring a change. The youths should tell their parents that corruption is bad," Kalam said in his address at D D Kosambi Festival of Ideas.

The Dinanath Mangeshkar auditorium at Kala Academy was overful with mainly the youngsters and the organisers - Art and Culture Department - had to make arrangement of special screening at the Open Air Auditorium. Prudent, a local TV channel, is airing all  the six lectures live throughut Goa.

His appeal to youth came up when a youngster stood up and asked how how to end corruption.

“Will you dare to tell your father to stop his corruption?” Kalam asked the young student. In response, the whole auditorium full with youngsters resounded: “Yes”!

Dr Kalam also pointed out that everyone, who is over 18, has an invincible weapon – the vote – which they do not use well enough.

“Once you elect the wrong person, don’t complain”, he quipped.

It is only the parents, the spirituality in the home and educational environment, and the primary school teachers that can put the young men and women of India on the right course, he concluded.

Speaking about his much talked about vision 2020, Kalam said that recessionary trend had halted the Gross domestic product (GDP) growth of the country.

"But now the recession is over and GDP growth is good.If GDP continues to be 10 per cent over the next eight years, then India can emerge as an economically strong nation by 2020," he said.

Dr Kalam, while outlining his ‘Vision 2020’ for a developed India, said the rural-urban divide must be reduced to a “thin line”.

There must be equal access for all to electrical power and water while agriculture needs to be revitalised by aggressive agro-processing.

Dr Kalam also emphasised that no one should be denied education.

While demanding transparent governance, he said India has to be free of  corruption, poverty and illiteracy, as well as crimes against women and children. 

Dr Kalam said only the human mind can challenge the impossible. A knowledge society thrives on innovation, which is the willingness to play with ideas and possibilities and continuously improve upon ideas.

Innovators, he said, see the same thing as everybody else, but think about it differently, he pointed out. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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To, N Fernandes

Excellent and brilliant !!! Now action required.

John W D Souza , Margoa - Goa

I cannot see how the children of our current Politicians will adhere to this.

The children of the Alemaos, Monserattes, Ranes etc are are deep into cirminality and corruption.It has been imbibe and imparted by their parents like Churchill, Joaquim,Anatasio, Pratap singh etc.

what we need is strong and enforceable laws and a method of shaming these corrupt.

Corruption is now a family business amongst the Ministers.

Churchill should be denied the PWD portfolio.He has messed up every project.All end up in litigation.He cares a damn about the folk affected.He is too concerned about his 10% commission and the longevity of power for his immediate family.

N.Fernandes , London

It is painful to see the people of integrity like Desmond D'Costa being victimised by vested interests. Transparency is a must and the common man has the right to know as to what is the price to be paid for honesty and integrity of a person serving the system--which needs many persons like Desmond D' Costa to improve it's standards..

The corrupt will be happy to see the honest being victimised......

james silva , margao

With great and due respect and no malice intended towards this worderful gentleman, if my child tells me to stop being corrupt, I would pat tell him or her, that, you don't understand why I am doing it. So, to shut up and go about your work.

If, the teacher deviates slightly outside the curriculum, there might be complaints from the parents.

Everyone is fed up when he or she is confronted by corruption, so what we need to do is try to change within, slowly and steadily. The enemy is within us.

Ludovico , Old-Goa



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