Saturday 28 November 2020

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77 वर्सांचो ‘स्पश्टवक्तो तरणाटो’ तानाजीबाब गेलो

कोंकणी चळवळिंतलो एक म्हालगडो लेखक, कोंकणी विश्वकोशाचो संपादक आनी स्पश्टवक्तो विचारवंत तानाजीबाब हळर्णकार आज संवसाराक अंतरलो. READ

Goa loses two veterans: Datta S Naik & Simon D’Souza

Goa today lost two veteran leaders, Datta S Naik from Panaji and Simon D’Souza from Vasco. READ

Goa lost a multi-faceted personality; Dr Suresh Gundu Amonkar

The Social Media is full of tributes today, paid to Padma Shri Dr Suresh Gundu Amonkar, who died at 84, fighting deadly cancer bravely while simultaneously creating valuable literature till his last breath. READ

Multifaceted Vishnu Wagh no more

Multifaceted personality Vishnu Surya Wagh expired in Cape Town of South Africa, after a prolonged illness since August 2016. READ

Remo gets a 'rebirth'; Social Media ‘kills’ him!

Yes, it was a shocking news for all the Goans; in Goa as well as those spread all over the world. Remo Fernandes dies of a heart attack! READ

Satish Sonak, saviour of the downtrodden, is no more

Adv Satish Sonak, Goa’s leading social activist and firebrand student leader of ‘80s, died of sudden heart failure today morning. READ

Dear Modi Ji, Goa is Positive, But Tourism Feels the Cash Crunch

Dear Modiji, Anil, a cab driver in Goa, happily announces that he has driven around Katrina Kaif, Virender Sehwag, Suresh Raina and other big celebrities in Goa. READ

Goa’s ‘Tai’ and first woman CM no more

Shashikala Kakodkar, Goa’s first woman chief minister, and India’s third, expired today afternoon after brief illness. READ

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Goa for BRICS

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India, Cambodia and Bangladesh this week during which he would take part in the Brics Summit in Goa. READ

LOLA Suman B: Goa’s young gift to the world of fashion!

A young entrepreneur of Goa has not only attracted the whole Bollywood towards her designer labels but has also shown a path of success to Goa’s ‘designer talent’ beyond the Arabian sea, sitting here in ... READ