Wednesday 03 June 2020

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Language controversy once again ?

The four-decade long language controversy, which had even witnessed violent outbursts for over a fortnight in the tourist state in late '80s, is coming to the fore once again giving a clear indication that confrontation ... READ

Maharashtra Govt urged to approach SC on border dispute

The six-decade old border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra has once again taken a centre stage at the All India Marathi Literary Conference, the body which has always inspired the Samyukta Maharashtra (combined Maharashtra) movement ... READ

Court says Konkani Goa's sole official language, Marathi protagoinsts plan agitation

The age-old linguistic controversy appears to be erupting once again in Goa to make Marathi the official language of state since the high court, almost 13 years after the official language act was passed, ruled ... READ

Pak soldiers' humanity sparks controversy

Thanks to the sangh parivar, a new controversy of nationalism over Kargil war has been raked up in Goa for portraying humanism among Pakistani soldiers while dealing with the injured Indian soldier, who is left ... READ

No to exhibition ground in the town

The prestigious project of setting up a permanent exhibition ground on the lines of Delhi's Pragati Maidan in the tourist state has run into rough weathers with the Bharatiya Janata Party's local unit strongly objecting ... READ

CM warns centre to withdraw from AGMU over IGP issue

Heading for an open confrontation with the centre, the Goa government has decided to set up its own state cadre for the police, withdrawing its official consent for Goa's inclusion in the AGMU cadre, consisting ... READ

Goa's hawkers crying for justice

Public streets and markets in Goa's major towns now look more spacious and clean, but at the cost of over 5000 hawkers and kiosk-runners being deprived of their livelihood, thanks to the high court intervention ... READ

Goa's civil code disallows adoption

Unearthing a racket of selling new-born babies by reputed doctors in Goa has thrown light on altogether different issue, which is the prime cause of such illegal acts. The former Portuguese colony, which still practices ... READ

Mee Nathuram.. disallowed in Goa

The Congress government in Goa has decided to prohibit from staging the controversial Marathi play, Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy, in the tourist state, which is a next favourite place for performances of the commercial Marathi ... READ

Centre planning legal dhirio

Bull fights, one of the tourist attractions in Goa, is likely to re-emerge in a more organised and legal manner, after the court had banned it since last October under the provisions of cruelty to ... READ