Wednesday 27 March 2019

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Gujral resting in Goa while UF is struggling in Delhi

"Wish Goa was the capital of India", says Inder Kumar Gujral, the prime minister of India, relaxing on a hammock in his panties and with a glass of Goan feni in his hand. READ

Defeated Assembly candidates try their luck in LS polls

Rejected leaders are better candidates to win the elections, feels the local ruling Congress party in Goa. READ

Maharashtra Guv worried over Mumbai's law and order situation

The worsening law and order situation in Mumbai has given a bad image to the country's major cosmopolitan city all over the world, admits Maharashtra governor Dr p c Alexander, but hopes the situation would ... READ

Lukewarm response for Public Men's Corruption Commission

Goa's case seems to be an eye opener in effectively dealing with corruption cases against public men in high places as the commission, set up to probe into corruption charges against public men here, has ... READ

Azadi's call for another freedom movement

The Azadi Bachao Andolan has called for a national debate on a more viable alternative to the existing Parliamentary system, while celebrating golden jubilee of India's independence. It has also appealed for yet another freedom ... READ

Goa PCC elections postponed

Following direct intervention by Congress president Sitaram Kesri, elections for the posts of the president and other office bearers of the Goa PCC were postponed at last minute on Saturday.As Goa is the only state ... READ

Will Gujral now implement his own agenda ?

Inder Kumar Gujral, the to-be-prime minister, had drafted a national agenda for a decade a year ago, envisaging a coalition government at the centre after Lok Sabha polls. Whether he will implement it today with ... READ

Outdated Congmen vying for PCC chief post

The political activity has suddenly gained momentum in 'all-well' Goa, thanks to Congress President Sitaram Kesri, who dissolved the Goa PCC last week on flimsy grounds. Seizing the opportunity, the 'outdated' Congress leaders are now ... READ

Cong sets up toothless Public Men's Corruption Commission

Goa got liberated from the imperialist Portuguese regime almost after 13 years of Indian independence. It suffered due to this in terms of social and industrial development, but not in developing on par with the ... READ

Powerbroker Congress continues to crush panchayati raj

...The system has been captured by the powerbrokers. It is being operated in the interests of the powerbrokers. It is being protected by the powerbrokers... The only way of breaking their stranglehold is for ... READ