Tuesday 09 March 2021

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Age no bar for greed, proves Deu

Deu Gunaji Mandrekar, the 75-year old ailing politician from Goa, could be the model for ambitious politicians in the country today. He cannot walk straight or talk clearly, but is a relieved man today for ... READ

Dissolution demand used for political blackmail

Dissolution of the Assembly has become a mere selfish demand in Goa among the politicians though majority people of the tourist state prefer an end to the musical chair, purely based on vested interest and ... READ

Faleiro for dissolution, but on condition

Goa Chief minister Luizinho Faleiro has said he is prepared to recommend dissolution of the House in three months if he did not live up to people's expectations. He won the trust vote today morning ... READ

Faleiro third CM in four months

In a sudden late night development, Luizinho Faleiro was sworn in as Goa's third chief minister in last four months, bringing the Congress back to power. READ

Willy likely to resign tonight

The week-long political crisis may come to an end with an indication that chief minister Wilfred de Souza may submit his resignation tonight as he in unable to muster the majority support he needs to ... READ

BJP-MGP rush to Delhi to demand PR

While the second trial of strength of Dr Wilfred de Souza's coalition government within three months is hardly one day ahead, local leaders from the Bharaitya Janata Party and the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party have rushed ... READ

Willy corners Guv's office

The possibility of deciding the fate of Dr Wilfred de Souza's coalition government on 26 November, as decided at the all-party meeting yesterday, appears bleak as today's cabinet meeting preferred to corner the governor's office ... READ

Who is the CM ? Depends upon 'offers'

With greed for power being the key word in Goa's politics, the issue of who would ultimately form the government now, for the third time, depends entirely upon the "size and weight" of the offers. ... READ

Faleiro stakes claim to form Govt

The Congress in Goa, which was dislodged from power three months ago due to rebellion within the party, has staked claim to form the government under the leadership of state opposition leader Luizinho Faleiro, with ... READ

Willy may succeed in countering crisis

Goa chief minister Dr Wilfred de Souza may succeed in reverting the political crisis his three-month old coalition government is plunged into due to resignation of three ministers as the game of numbers in the ... READ