Wednesday 03 June 2020

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Tourism emerges as Goa's backbone, catches spondalitis

Tourism, in last two and a half decades, has emerged as a backbone of Goan economy, pushing mining in the back seat. But this major livelihood of Goa today suffers from spondalitis, due to lack ... READ

'Generate from lobbies, not the common man'

Goan economists have criticised the local government for promoting tourism and mining by taxing the common man, to confront infrastructural problems created by both these sectors.While Goan economy is developed since its pre-liberation days on ... READ

Goa police : Menace for tourists ?

A case of three police personnel, including a PSI in-charge of a taluka police station, being suspended for illegally extorting money from foreign tourists has proved a fact that guardians of law are involved in ... READ

Goa aims at commercial farming & hi-tech industry

This being the first year of the Ninth Five Year plan, Goa government has laid down a foundation for its future development with altogether new approach of diversifying agricultural land for commercial farming and emphasising ... READ

Budget relies upon private investment for development

The annual budget presented for the tourist state of Goa is striving for a surplus through the additional resources mobilisation estimated at Rs 12 crore, despite showing a deficit of Rs 7.38 crore, with a ... READ

NGOs suggest drastic measures in tourism master plan

Imposing a ceiling on the number of tourists and suspending all tourism promotion programmes abroad until creation of proper infrastructural facilities is a forceful demand the local NGOs have made for sustainable tourism development in ... READ

More pension for MLAs

While Goa is still awaiting new tax structure in the annual budget to be presented on March 25, the local Congress government has decided to restructure the pension scheme for the MLAs, with an additional ... READ

'49 per cent of Goa's budget is non-productive'

Goa appears to be one of the richest state, it being an international tourist destination attracting large amount of foreign exchange and having highest per capita income in the country. But the actual figures contradict ... READ

Sops to industries in Kashmir valley

The Jammu and Kashmir government expects industrialists to respond to their attractive package for industrial development of the region, while it has also provided incentives to the locals to promote its tourism industry.Dr Farooq Abdullah, ... READ

Growth rate of tourism on a decline

Goa may be hit badly with a recession in the tourism sector, the state's second-largest foreign exchange earner, as the number of foreign tourists is declining at a fast rate.Admitting the fact, the local Congress ... READ