Saturday 25 September 2021

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Modi Govt to restore & illuminate Old Goa churches

Churches and convents of Old Goa would be restored and illuminated, thanks to the union budget presented by union finance minister Arun Jaitley today. READ

Church wants to stop photography inside Bom Basilica

To stop tourists from posing "inappropriately" at the Basilica of Bom Jesus, a major tourist attraction, the church authorities want to ban photography inside the premises. READ

"Portuguese took pepper, but brought chilly to India"

“People think the Portuguese took most of the spices from India, but truth be told, while we had pepper here, they were the ones who brought us the chilli,” says Chef Peter Fernandes from across ... READ

170 Goan artisans to participate in Surajkand Mela

Goa will display its vast and impressive cultural wealth, heritage and traditions as a theme state at the Surajkund International Crafts Mela in Haryana which starts from February 1. READ

Goa to be theme state at Surajkund Int Craft Fest

Goa would be the theme state at next year's Surajkund crafts mela in Haryana, a senior tourism department official said here today. READ

Artefacts of Asia's 1st medical college to be displayed

Century-old artefacts including gold plated soup bowls and tea cups used to serve soldiers from Portuguese colonies recuperating at the Goa Medical College and Hospital will now be handed over to the state museum for ... READ

Colonial interpretation of history created India & Pak: Romila

Eminent Indian historian Prof Romila Thapar has stated that our country got divided into India and Pakistan due to colonial interpretation of India’s ancient history on religious lines. READ

Museum to restore 250-yr old Chariot

A 250-year-old chariot dating to the Portuguese era would now be restored to its past glory by the Goa government with the help of conservationists. READ

Goan Churches to get a face lift

Several churches across Goa are heading for a massive restoration, a job undertaken once in 50-60 years. READ

Goa Govt to fund private museums

Goa government has floated a scheme to finance new private museums as well as to upgrade infrastructure of existing private museums. READ