Tuesday 20 October 2020

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Politics | Lok Sabha '98

Khalap hesitates to call BJP communal

Probably to keep his options open, the union law minister of the United Front government, Ramakant Khalap from Goa, is keeping his mouth shut on the Bharatiya Janata Party. READ

Khalap hobnobbing with BJP

The United Front is cracking, thanks to union law minister Ramakant Khalap, the sole MP from the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. READ

Cong has a hard time as Sonia fails to pull crowds

If a crowd of hardly 4000 in Goa is any indication for Sonia Gandhi’s much-awaited rally today, than the Congress party has a hard time in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, from the point of view ... READ

People disappointed with Sonia

"In her, we see Indira Gandhi. Only she can save this country", he was saying, with a choked voice and tears flowing down his cheeks. READ

Sonia's rally to woo Catholics ?

Goans perhaps always think different, including the ruling Congress party here. READ

Khalap-Alemao rivalry may prove suicidal for both

It’s not a conducive atmosphere for both the non-Congress sitting MPs here - union law minister Ramakant Khalap and strongman Churchill Alemao, though they have to fight all the candidates defeated in the last Assembly ... READ

Khalap, Alemao support UF but oppose each other

Goa may be a small state, having only two Parliamentary seats. But its sitting MPs, both belonging to the United Front, have become a pain in the neck for the UF leaders. READ

India may have rapist as PM, fears Gujral

"If the existing trend of criminals hijacking the political scene in the country continues, then India may also have a rapist prime minister tomorrow", fears India’s outgoing prime minister Inder Kumar Gujral. READ

Gujral resting in Goa while UF is struggling in Delhi

"Wish Goa was the capital of India", says Inder Kumar Gujral, the prime minister of India, relaxing on a hammock in his panties and with a glass of Goan feni in his hand. READ

Defeated Assembly candidates try their luck in LS polls

Rejected leaders are better candidates to win the elections, feels the local ruling Congress party in Goa. READ