Saturday 23 November 2019

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Goa has intellectual vibrancy, not beach life; says Pak Goan

Pakistani journalist of Goan origin, Cyril Almeida, has come a long way from his home in Islamabad, crossing Wagah, to India from Atari, Amritsar, then to Mumbai via Delhi until finally landing in Goa. READ

Costa sworn in Portugal PM; will his Govt survive after March?

Portugal’s new Prime Minister Antonio Costa will need to keep a group of anti-austerity radicals onside to sustain his minority Socialist government after his maneuver to seize power tore up a four-decade political convention. READ

Indian PM Modi congratulates Portugal PM Antonio Costa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated Portugal's new Prime Minister Antonio Costa and said he looks forward to working with him to strengthen bilateral ties. READ

Goans thrilled for Costa as Portuguese PM, but does he feel Goan?

Goans at large are feeling proud that a Goan by origin will be the Prime Minister of Portugal, the one-time colonial rulers who ruled Goa for 451 years. But does Antonio Costa feel the same? READ

Goan-origin Antonio known as 'Gandhi of Lisbon'

Antonia Costa, a Portuguese politician of Goan origin, is making a serious bid to become the Prime Minister of Portugal having brought down PM Pedro Passos Coelho's right wing government within 11 days of the ... READ

Portugal Govt outsted; will 'Goenkar' Antonio be PM?

An alliance of left-wing Portuguese lawmakers on Tuesday brought down the government of Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, turning the country’s politics on its head just weeks after inconclusive elections and offering up a strong ... READ

A Goan 'Babush' set to topple Govt, becoming PM of Portugal

A Goan ‘Babush’, Antonio Costa, does it in Portugal. Toppling the government within 10 days, he is all set to become the Prime Minister of Portugal. READ

Modi Govt keen to resolve dual citizenship issue 'very soon'

The dual-citizenship issue that has been haunting thousands of people of Goa for sometime now may be resolved "very soon" with the Centre today saying that the matter would be sorted out without further ado. ... READ

Locals more 'Goans' than those living 'outside': Parrikar

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today said that people who are living in Goa are far more Goans than those who express concerns about the state living away from it. READ

Jet Airways starts Goa-Abu Dhabi service

Private carrier Jet Airways has started a new daily direct flight linking Goa with Abu Dhabi. READ