Monday 28 September 2020

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Khalap plans Intelligent Goa

Caught up between Cyberabad and Silicon city in the South and IT-rich Mumbai-Pune and Postira project of Gujarat in the North, Goa plans to march ahead with a new slogan - the Intelligent State, to ... READ

Khalap vows to make Goa IT-smart

After mysterious lull for over one year, Goa is once again planning to make its dream of becoming a major IT state in the country true, provided it is supported by political stability.Goa's information technology ... READ

Telecom slashes Internet rates

The Department of Telecommunication Services has slashed down its internet tariff for the fourth time in last nine months, in order to remain much ahead of the private internet service providers in several states.After receiving ... READ

Goa best for IT, but where's the manpower ?

Non-availability of skilled and experienced local manpower is the biggest hurdle the information technology sector is presently facing to exploit the utmost potential Goa is having to develop the sector."We can boast of having the ... READ

Use a cellphone, without holding it !

Mount it simply on your ear and push the tiny cord inside the ear. Hook your cellphone on your waist belt and leave it at that.You need not unhook the cellphone when you receive a ... READ

Indian villages may have 'Info Kiosks'

Indian countryside would not be deprived of seeking advantage of the ongoing era of information technology if what Dr Rashmi Mayur, an environmental scientist, thinks comes true.The International Institute for Sustainable Future, of which Dr ... READ

Faleiro aspires to be E-CM, sans E-culture

Following footsteps of AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, his Goa counterpart Luizinho Faleiro also aspires to be E-CM, though the E-culture is totally missing in the administration at present."I am fully aware of it. But ... READ

Wipro goes more customer-friendly

Wipro has decided to provide three new kind of countrywide support and service initiatives while also announcing comfort premium plans in four different sectors.A formal announcement in this regard was made in Goa by Arun ... READ

Goa set to have IT habitat

Goa is all set to float global tenders for the IT habitat, its most prestigious project worth Rs 122 crore."It is my dream come true, which would create silicon valley environment in Goa", says chief ... READ

India's top industrialists sit in Goa's classroom

The top brass of Indian industry is down in Goa, not simply to wine and dine but to learn. They call it a ‘corporate retreat’, perhaps because they are re-treating their traditional mindset of trade ... READ